Why Should You Get Smart Toilet Seat for Your Home

The health and well being of our loved ones is the primary concern for all of us. While we spend huge money on various safeguard measures, we forget the most basic place – the toilet. If you still think that a clean toilet is enough, it’s time to reconsider. Here are eight reasons why you should upgrade to smart toilet seats right away:

Hands Free Toilet

  • Hands Free Usage – A smart toilet seat comes with an automatic bidet for you to clean up without using your hands and avoid spreading germs. A hands free toilet also means that your kids can use it without any hassles and adult supervision.

Medical Toilet

  • Fem Care – Women are exposed to many infections including UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) with germ infested toilet seats. The smart medical toilet seats prevent germ buildup and reduce the risk of such diseases.

Medical Toilet

  • Self-Cleaning Design –You do not need to worry about cleaning the spout. The spout is designed in such a way that it cleans itself automatically.
  • Germ Free Coating – These seats have an antibacterial coating which prevents accumulation and transfer of germs, securing your family against infections from e-coli and staph.
  • Easy Installation – The SmartWash automatic bidet seats can be easily installed in three steps on your existing commode and needs no special equipment or help.
  • Adjustable Seat Temperature – The electronic toilet seats come with adjustable temperature settings, enabling you to choose the warmth of the seat and sit comfortably.
  • Adjustable Water Temperature – Not only the seat, you can even adjust the temperature of the water for cleaning up. The adjustable heat setting in the bidet toilet seat allows you to choose the water temperature.
  • Inbuilt Dryer – These toilet seats also come with a dryer with adjustable temperature settings.

Not only this, Smartwash toilet seats also help in saving the environment. They use 90 percent less water than usual toilets and also save trees as they help you do away with the tissue papers. So switch to the safe, healthy and smart toilet solutions and give your family the comfort they deserve.

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