With SmartWash Ease, we ensure personal hygiene at its best in your restroom. A rimless design and advanced cleaning features make it a smart choice for your home. The Feminine washing feature is perfect for women and rear cleansing nozzles assure touch-free rear cleansing.


Wash Functions:

Cleanse: A touch-free rear cleansing offered by a smart technology

Fem: Different washing options to allow gender-specific cleaning. A feminine cleaning feature offers better sanitation and comfort during menstruation and pregnancy

Boost: Enjoy a refreshing cleansing at high water pressure.

Essential Functions:

Massage: A back and forth massaging movement for refreshed cleaning

Seat Sensor: SmartWash Ease senses your presence for automated operations.

Spout Position: Adjustable washing spout positions ultimate sanitation

Water Pressure: Use WC more comfortably with adjustable water temperature from the spout.

Spout Auto Cleaning: Allows automatic rinsing of the spout before use

E-Save: A sensible technology that saves electricity by turning off the heating system. The seat can be adjusted to sleep mode when it is not in use.

Maintenance Functions:

Seat Release Button: When pushed, this button helps in easy uninstalling of the seat.

Spout Cleaning: An automatic cleaning of the spout after every use.

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How to Install: An easy fitting guide for your SmartWash Seat

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