Partner With Us


When you tag along with us, you are teaming up to break boundaries and go where no one has gone before. Thanks to our cutting edge technology we open up a myriad opportunities for your growth, and support you throughout. What’s more, we are poised to take the lifestyle market by storm with a host of breakthrough products.


Partner opportunities

You can join us in our tryst as:



Motivated individuals such as plumbers, electricians, insurance agents, homemakers and home loan agents may feel free to apply.


Retail personnel

Those with retail outlets in any sector, preferably those dealing with healthcare, hygiene and sanitary products, home appliances, pharmacies. Such partners must be willing to invest INR 10,000,00/-



Individuals with commendable networks and sales force, in possession of 5000 sq. ft. of storage and a willingness to make an investment of INR 50,000,00/-

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