An Electronic bidet seat that can be fitted to your existing toilet to convert it into a self-cleaning toilet. The SmartWash electronic bidet seats are ultimate in luxury, comfort, and hygiene. It is designed for everyone including children and aged members in your family who have limited mobility. The SmartWash automated toilet seats are loaded with intelligence which senses the temperature of water. With a touch of a button, the toilet seat adjusts the temperature of water to user’s preferences.

In addition to heated water, this hands-free toilet has several features like adjustable water pressure and heated seat. The SmartWash toilet with seat heater is especially comforting during winter months as you can easily adjust the temperature of the seat to your comfort level with a touch of a button. This toilet with water pressure controller takes rear cleansing off from your mind and hands after every bowel moment. The full water pressure ensures thorough cleaning that is more hygienic than toilet paper.

This toilet with spout cleaner also has an inbuilt cleaner which is also the healthiest way to clean a toilet. The auto cleaning feature gets activated when spout comes out and self-cleans the toilet seat with pressurized water sprays. The SmartWash has different personalized wash settings for clean and comfort feeling.

The electronic bidet toilet seat is the easiest and inexpensive way to convert your regular toilet into a toilet spa. Why go back to expensive cleaning wipes or dry toilet paper when you can use the inexpensive SmartWash electronic bidet seat. It’s hard to feel confident when you have the lesser feel of clean. There is no doubt the SmartWash electronic bidet seat is the healthiest way to clean your rear after every bowel movement.

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SMARTWASH EASE - Automatic Toilets Online Bangalore

With SmartWash Ease, we ensure personal hygiene at its best in your restroom. A rimless design and advanced cleaning features make it a smart choice for your home. The Feminine washing feature is perfect for women and rear cleansing nozzles assure touch-free rear cleansing.


SMARTWASH ELATE - Electronic Toilets India

SmartWash Elate reflects a sensible design that can adjust to your needs. Make your restroom a comfortable zone with a seat having adjustable temperature settings. So, no more discomforts even in the winters. Enjoy three smart temperature settings to relax you.


SMARTWASH EASE - Smart Toilets and bathroom accessories bangalore

SmartWash Sensa uses an intelligent technology to offer smart designs that are responsive to your senses. This advanced personal hygiene system can instantly adjust the temperature of the water and the seat with a simple touch of a button. It has an intuitive control panel for adjustable water and seat temperature.