Automated Toilet Seats – A New Revolution in Bathroom Hygiene!

Toilet With Seat Heater - Hands Free Toilets

Our progressive lifestyles have been on a continual aspirational high. We drive smart cars, are investing in smart homes and have habituated our fingers to slide over smart mobile screens. Everything on the front end is getting smart. But what is happening to the back end? We mean…literally!

Indian toilets have been undergoing a tremendous change since the last two decades. But this has mostly been in aesthetics and functionality. What about hygiene?

  • Unhygienic toilet seats – It is a known fact that toilet seats are home to a variety of bacterial germs and are known to cause several disease conditions
  • Unclean health faucets – Research indicates toilet water jets carry more germs than the toilet seats
  • Toilet paper – We are already unkind to the environment, let alone adding more paper from cutting down trees. But somewhere along the way, toilet paper came to be a sign of progressive practice, from a point of health & sanitation practices it began to rank high on our lists.

SmartWash Automated & Hands Free Toilet Seats– Now in India!

After extensive research and user interactions, we introduce SmartWash toilet seats – engineered with German technology and manufactured in India. This is the beginning of a revolution in bathroom hygiene and comfort!

Hands-free hygiene – No more holding unclean health faucets to clean yourself after the job. SmartWash offers self-cleaning spout for a sanitary experience

Easy to Install – Three step quick installation. SmartWash toilet seats fits on all existing commodes.

Antibacterial toilet seats – The SmartWash seats are manufactured with anti-bacterial coating that resists germ accumulation, thereby providing for a bacteria free toilet seat

Affordable – While most other market products in this category are imported, SmartWash is manufactured in India, making it a highly affordable hygiene product

Easy maintenance – Like its hands-free philosophy, SmartWash is also maintenance-free. It needs no day to day maintenance and comes with a 5 year warranty.

A quick look at some of the product features

  • Adjustable spout position
  • Seat sensor
  • Water pressure control
  • Fem – designed for women
  • Child safety and cleaning
  • Spout auto cleaning
  • Seat temperature
  • Massage
  • Seat soft close
  • E-Save to put unit in sleep mode

SmartWash products

From basic to the luxurious, there are 3 kinds of seats to suits your lifestyle and budget.

    • Ease – Count on it to simplify hygiene in the restroom. Ease offers you two features that make smart seats desirable: Cleanse and Fem. Cleanse handles rear cleansing effortlessly, while fem deals with frontal cleansing for women with elan.
    • Elate – Seat that can adjust to three temperatures. Which makes visits to the restroom a pleasure even in winters. A seat that elevates your bathroom experience with stress-busting comfort coupled with hygiene that frees your mind.
  • Sensa – A SmartWash seat that is sensitive to your senses and comfort, Sensa rapidly adjusts the temperature of the seat and the water. It is loaded with a little more intelligence, it senses the ambient temperature, at the touch of a button and adjusts the warmth of the seat and water accordingly.

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About SmartWash

SmartWash, is a range of German-engineered smart toilet seats that can be installed on any existing WC, it is designed for a hands free experience and comes with a host of features that relax, rejuvenate and soothe your senses.

With an automatic spout as a standard feature in all SmartWash seats, a simple touch cleanses you absolutely hands-free. So you can indulge yourself and let SmartWash take hygiene off your mind. And hands.

SmartWash comes in three variants, each with its own set of features designed to provide varying levels of hygiene and comfort.