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The company Dr. Wiesner Steuerungstechnik was founded in 1968 by Dr. Helmut Wiesner. Initially, we designed, developed and built pneumatic control devices and sold pneumatic and hydraulic components.

In 1978 the company was transformed into a GmbH (limited liability company). Since then the emphasis of our work has been test engineering.

Journey of Dr. Wiesner

Dr. WiesnerSteuerungstechnik GmbH provided cutting edge technology solutions for renowned organizations such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Airbus for over five decades. A mammoth in its own right, Dr.WiesnerSteuerungstechnik GmbH, a peerless expert in process technology, plastic technology, metal cutting, electronics, communication and hydraulics, sought to spread its expertise beyond German soil.

This led to Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt Ltd., an Indian subsidiary, being born.
In its quest to spread the value created in its frontier R&D labs, Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt Ltd. seeks to address the demands of the present by diversifying into lifestyle products. Since 2011, Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt Ltd. is committed to launching products that fulfil ecological and economic requirements.

Dr Wiesner Home automation Solutions

Evolution of lifestyle products

The demands of our fast-paced lives are escalating, placing greater responsibility on those that create products aimed to make such a lifestyle more comfortable and bearable.

We tackled this by ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is made available and affordable to common citizens in the form of lifestyle products that are unrivaled.

The first of which is SmartWash and soon to be succeeded by game-changers such as in-house air purifiers, nebulisers, glucometers and more.

Say hello to Dr Wiesner, the purveyor of German engineering; here to make its mark in India.

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